Unique products to promote your company and thank your clients

Linen is a beautiful, long-lasting organic material. The more you use it, the better it becomes. As a material linen is beautifully lustrous, strong, absorbent and dirt-resistant.

There are many different ways to show the product logo of a company/organisation in linen textiles:

  • Embroidery (e.g. the logo is thread embroidered in the fabric) is permanent and its visibility can be adjusted by using an appropriate embroidery colour.
  • Fabric label, with a printed company logo, can be "hidden" in the hemming on the counter side of the fabric.
  • In the manufacturing stage, the logo, emblem, picture etc. is woven on the fabric; the result is well visible – or conveniently invisible – and permanent pattern.
  • Using the identifying colours of the gift giver in the textile brings the gift giver to mind when the product is used
  • Gift package selected according to the company profile


Jokipiin Pellava’s business gift concept


All of our products can be personalized to suit your company's identity. Our company sales experts are happy to help you with purchasing personalised products!

1. Idea represents the client company’s profile and connects the gift with the company. We at Jokipiin Pellava give a suggestion according to mutually agreed criteria.

2. Developing the idea further - The initial idea realised at Jokipiin Pellava will be presented to the customer for approval and possible further development.

3. Valued and produced - The end product of the process is a beautiful linen textile, to which suitable additional parts may be added. The product comes in a beautiful and functional packaging, which saves time and effort from the business gift buyer’s side.

4. Logistics - Choose the delivery method that is most convenient to you. The gifts can either be delivered straight to the recipient, or to the buyer—ready to be distributed.