Ecological thinking is a part of our everyday business

We want our ecological footprint to be as small as possible. Taking care of the environment is one part of a responsible business model that applies in our company.

Jokipiin Pellava has employed eco-friendly manufacturing systems that take into account environmental issues related to industrial production.

Raw materials

The flax for the linen yarn we use is grown and refined in Western Europe. We can trace back the origin of the raw material and be sure that the growing and refining of the flax has been done according to the standards of organic production.

The linen and cotton yarn we use are all Ökotex certified. Ökotex is an environmental textile standard certification recognized all over Europe. It guarantees that there are no harmful chemicals in our yarn.

Jokipiin Pellava uses only cardboard boxes that are made of recycled material in packing all single products. The cardboard boxes that come with the raw material we receive are re-used whenever possible and they are put to use when we ship our end-products to our customers.

Production methods

All Jokipiin Pellava’s products are environmentally friendly. We use the heat generated by our production line to heat up the production facilities. No chemicals or additives are used in the manufacturing process.
Our linen gets a finishing touch with steam from pure water. This gives the fabric a smooth surface.


Our products are beautiful gifts as they are and we avoid all excess packaging whenever it is possible. Every once in a while it is required to make a gift package for a product. All our packages are manufactured from recycled material.

All excess material and side products are recycled. Nothing is sent to the refuse dump.

Long-lasting products

Our products are made to last. That is probably the biggest reason behind our small ecological footprint.