Jokipiin Pellava x Kuovi

Kuovi is a family company founded by the heir of Birger Kaipiainen, to foster and develop the rich and colorful cultural heritage of Birger.
Jokipiin Pellava x Kuovi collaboration aims to recreate Birger Kaipiainen’s iconic artwork into high quality and timeless linen textiles for home.

Orchard Collection

We have woven probably Birger Kaipiainen’s most famous artwork “Orchard” into beautiful and durable home textiles. “Orchard” (Tarha in Finnish) was launched already in 1969 when it was used for ceramics decoration. “Orchard” contains many elements that are typical for Birger’s ceramics, like violas, fruit and berries.

The fabric pattern is designed by Pekka Kaipiainen who has freely modified the artwork of Birger Kaipiainen. Orchard products are sustainably produced of natural raw materials (linen and cotton) in Finland.

Birger Kaipiainen (1.7.1915-18.7.1988) is one of the most famous and internationally awarded ceramic designers of Finland. He made a long career at Arabia Art Department creating thousands of unique artworks and also designing several tableware pieces. He was well-known for his romantic and colorful style which was not typical in Finland. His enormous attention to details and endless desire to decorate is well-reflected in his artwork where all empty spaces are filled with different ornaments.

According to Harri Kalha (the art history docent of Helsinki University) Birger Kaipiainen mixed art categories and still raises questions. His original mysterious picture-fantasy already fascinated his contemporaries​, but on the other hand, in the field of modern design, his rich imagery was disliked. In visual arts circles, the overwhelming decorativeness was marveled. Nowadays, ceramists absorb ornaments​, designers colors and artists organic themes resembling those of Birger Kaipiainen.​