Jokipiin Pellava has had the great pleasure of collaborating with numerous talented designers. When designing linen products, what matters the most to us is a great idea that brings out the best qualities of the material. We want to make products that are not only timelessly beautiful but also feel great – both now and in the hands of the future generations.

Vappu Pimiä

Hostess and editor

The bubbly personality of the hostess and editor Vappu Pimiä is well-known among the Finnish audiences of both TV and radio. The mother of two daughters is fascinated by aesthetics and has earlier designed beautiful kitchen dishes.

Paola Suhonen – Ivana Helsinki

The Bachelor of Arts and entrepreneur

Paola Suhonen is a Finnish clothes designer, artist, designer, entrepreneur and film-maker. She is particularly known for her clothing brand Ivana Helsinki. Suhonen has graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Art and Design Helsinki.

Ari Kostamo


Ari Kostamo (b. 1980) is a professional in product design, promotional product communications and a surface pattern designer with a degree in fashion and clothing design from the Kuopio Academy of Design. He has 12 years of experience in designing individual business gifts, products, patterns and other graphic elements for several Finnish and international companies and communities.

Johanna Aalto

Product and Textile Designer (BA) 2009

Johanna Aalto has worked as an in-house designer and freelancer. In addition to Finland, her designs have been sold abroad in countries such as Japan. During the designing process, Johanna is driven by her curiosity and the will to create timeless design that never goes out of style. She has learned to cherish the mistakes made in the designing process as they provide an opportunity for breaking the usual habits and creating something completely new.

Jukka Rintala


A strong line and a brush stroke, while on the other hand light and delicate handprints are the characteristic features of Jukka Rintala’s designs.

Tuula Wilén

Textile designer and teacher (M.Ed)

Tuula Wilén has graduated as a textile designer from the Kuopio Academy of Design and as textile teacher from the University of Helsinki. In her career, Tuula has worked in clothing design and teaching. In 2010, Tuula got excited about textile design and launched her own independent design line called Wiula Design.

Elina Helenius

Designer MA / Ornamo

Elina Helenius is a textile artist and designer with a degree from the University of Art and Design Helsinki. She is a five-time award-winner in national design competitions and her textiles belong to the collections of Helsinki Design Museum, Gothenburg’s Röhsska Museet and Kyoto Textile Research Center.

Alissa Koski

Art and crafts entrepreneur

Alissa Koski is an art and crafts entrepreneur from Ostrobothnia. Koski’s field of work includes traditional fine arts, like oil painting, as well as illustrations and graphic design.

Anu Saari

Designer, Master of Textile Design 2006

Anu Saari is a University of Art and Design Helsinki graduate and designer. She has designed numerous best-selling products for Finnish and international companies in the textile and paper industry.

Jenni Laurila

Designer, University of Applied Sciences, Textile Designer

Jenni Laurila has graduated as a textile designer from the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. She has also studied creative direction in Madrid, Spain. When designing something new, Laurila aims at bringing joy and new ideas to the everyday life through regular utility articles. She is originally from Kurikka, South Ostrobothnia. Laurila is a member of the designer collective Studio Hilla.

Henna Mantere


The designer Henna Mantere is the Ostrobothnian reinforcement of Jokipiin Pellava. She has graduated with a Master of Arts from the University of Lapland. Mantere has also worked in teaching, design and sales in the sectors of industry and culture. In her designs, Mantere creates new while respecting the old. In line with her popular role models, her style of expression is defined by the attempt to create beautiful things out of scarcity.

Irina Ylänne

Designer, University of Applied Sciences

Irina Ylänne is a textile design graduate from the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. While she was still a student, Irina joined the Studio Hilla collective that launched her designer career. In addition to Finland, her designs have been sold in Sweden, Japan, India and Russia. Irina is inspired by everyday life and its unique moments. The designer’s style incorporates Slavic decorativeness and Scandinavian simplicity.

Ullamari Murto


Ullamari Murto has graduated from Turku University of Applied Sciences in 2013. Beautiful colours and colour combinations of the everyday life make the designer take a break from her daily chores. Ullamari likes to include playful features in her designs. According to the designer, not everything has to be so serious in life or in design.

Toshiyuki Fukuda

Illustrator and Textile Designer

In his illustrations, Toshiyuki uses various styles of visual expression. His designs for Jokipiin Pellava have been inspired by the Finnish nature, design and people, among other things.

Katri Koivisto

Designer, University of Applied Sciences, Textile Design

Katri Koivisto is a textile design graduate from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. She has also studied textile design in the University of Borås, Sweden. Koivisto is especially inspired by the little big things. Being a passionate traveller, she curiously observes her surroundings and always seeks to look at the everyday phenomena from a new, inspiring perspective. Koivisto is a member of the designer collective Studio Hilla.