Made in Finland

All of our products are manufactured in Jokipii, Jalasjärvi. By choosing our products you support Finnish employment. Manufacturing sauna, table setting and kitchen linen textiles is our special know-how. Our operations are flexible, which means that we are able to manufacture small batches according to our customers’ wishes and deliver our products quickly. We have developed a comprehensive production process that is environmentally friendly and considers all environmental aspects related to industrial production. Our CEO Markku Laurila and Development Manager Jussi Laurila represent the third and fourth generation in charge of our company.

History of business gift production

As early as the beginning of the 1960s, Jokipiin Pellava manufactured towels with weaved names of a laundry service, institution, postal service or a company. Originally, these products were manufactured for the companies’ internal use. Little by little, we started to receive requests from these customers regarding manufacturing products that could be gifted as business gifts. The share of products manufactured for business gifts grew with time and today, the customisable business gift products constitute the best-selling articles of Jokipiin Pellava.