100 years of Jokipiin Pellava

Get to know the history of our 100-year-old company


The company was founded

In 1920, when Asser Laurila was only 21 years of age, he founded a sawmill where the factory is standing today. The location of the sawmill was optimal as the logs could be floated along River Jalasjoki, the upper branch of River Kyrönjoki. Asser was a farmhouse boy with an entrepreneurial spirit who had previously worked as a freight driver in Lapland.


Wool spinning began

In addition to working at the sawmill, Asser and Kerttu began spinning domestic wool. The spinning mill got its wool from sheep farms. When the wool had been spun into yarn, it was returned back to the farm along with an invoice with a “spinning fee”


Linen spinning began

Based on their experience from wool spinning, the entrepreneurial couple saw that there was a market for spinning linen yarn as well. The raw material was once again obtained from domestic farms cultivating flax.


Linen weaving began

The consumers’ demands grew. It was no longer enough to have the yarn – the consumers now wanted ready-made towel and table cloth fabrics.


Sewing of linen products

A sewing section was founded in order to sew ready-made products for the market. Products were sold increasingly through retail shops. In the 1960s, the company also purchased weaving machines in order to weave texts into the towels’ stripes.


Manufacturing of linen terry began

The company started to manufacture linen terry and had already advanced in product design and development. The production of linen fabrics was significantly increased during this decade.



Today, we make customised linen business gifts. Our CEO Timo Laurila and Production Director Markku Laurila represent the third generation in charge of our company

All of our products are manufactured in Jokipii, Jalasjärvi and our company employs 27 top talents of the industry.