About linen

Beautiful linen gets better in use

A linen gift represents well-being, practicality and domestic products. Luxurious linen is a trendy, ecological and quality material that pampers even the most sensitive skin. Linen’s absorption capacity is at its most useful in the kitchen and in sauna, as the material efficiently absorbs moisture without feeling wet. Linen products are easy to use and care for while the material brings a certain sensation of luxury to the everyday life. All of our products are manufactured in Jokipii, Jalasjärvi.

Kitchen and table setting

Introduce linen to your kitchen

Linen textiles come in handy in all kinds of kitchens. A linen towel is great for polishing glasses and covering the rising pastries, while a linen table cloth is a festive option for bigger and smaller parties. Find something for yourself or discover the perfect gift from Jokipiin Pellava’s selection of linen kitchen textiles.

Bath and sauna

Royalty of bath textiles

Linen is an ideal material for bath and sauna textiles. The material’s absorption capacity dries the skin quickly. The fabric has been manufactured without any chemical treatments and is therefore perfectly suitable even for the most sensitive skin. Linen is a long-lasting material and its natural qualities only get better with use.


Textiles you want to feel

If you want to decorate with textiles that last a long time in use, choose linen products. Linen’s simple luxury upgrades any interior to the next level. Linen is a breathable natural material that feels pleasant against the skin, which makes it an excellent choice of material for throws or decorative pillow covers, for example.