“We asked for towels in a radish design but ended up getting something more”

The mission of Satokausikalenteri is to increase and diversify the consumption of vegetables among the Finnish people. Satokausikalenteri’s self-published calendar has been immensely popular and the company’s social media content reaches some 700,000 people on a monthly basis. A collaboration with Jokipiin Pellava resulted in beautiful Satokausi linen kitchen towels that only get better with use.

When the CEO and Partner of Satokausikalenteri Natalia Salmela started in her current position, she dreamed out loud about having kitchen towels with a radish design. According to her vision, the towels with a seasonal vegetable design would be available for people in the same places where vegetables are handled. To make this dream become a reality, Satokausikalenteri chose Jokipiin Pellava as the collaboration partner due to the fact that the companies’ values were in line with one another. Both companies value local products and services as well as quality and ethicality.

“My dream concerned kitchen textiles specifically. Jokipiin Pellava has numerous years of experience in the field and, therefore, we trusted their vision. We were originally after a kitchen towel with a radish design, but ended up with so much more,” Salmela says.

Towels that get better with use

“We wanted towels that were in line with our brand, so the first drafts were made at Satokausikalenteri. The skilled professionals of Jokipiin Pellava took our vision and converted it into beautifully woven textiles. They are responsible for everything apart from the initial idea”, Salmela says.

According to Salmela, Jokipiin Pellava has been delightfully proactive in the process. When things have been hectic at Satokausikalenteri’s end, Jokipiin Pellava has reminded them from time to time and offered an easy and ready-made solution for the company. The finished products found their way in Satokausikalenteri’s online store in no time.

“The Satokausi towels have been a huge success”

“The Satokausi towels have been a huge success and our online store has already run out of them. The towels’ quality is excellent. I use them myself every day and the towels only get better with use,” Salmela explains.

Modern, well-rooted operations

Salmela praises the way in which her company’s collaboration partner manages its customer relationships. Along with the actual products, she is very pleased with the company’s customer service. Salmela recommends collaboration with Jokipiin Pellava to all companies looking for a way of positively surprising their own customers. “I would describe Jokipiin Pellava’s operations as modern yet well-rooted. Long traditions are obviously in an important role, but the company also operates in a very modern way and complies with the modern-day requirements,” Salmela summarises.

Natalia Salmela,