Saaristo Pillow

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Relaxing is easier and more comfortable with a sauna pillow behind the back of your neck – relax, lean back and forget about the daily haste and hurry.



Finland is known for its magnificent archipelago and boating and sailing are downright essential recreational activities for many of us. The design was inspired by the Finnish Archipelago Sea and its shipping lanes. Although it is not recommended to use the map of the design when sailing in the archipelago, the design will hopefully take your mind to the archipelago scenery and bring a fresh breath of sea breeze to your sauna textiles. The Saaristo product family is designed by Tuula Wilén and includes a sports towel, solo seat cover, sauna seat cover and pillow.

The stuffing of our sauna pillows is made of safe, dust and fire-proof Ecosoft recycled fibre. The same stuffing material is used in high-quality domestic duvets and pillows. According to VTT’s classification, the material belongs to the best SL1 class (no ignition). All

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22 x 40 cm


50 % LI, 50 % CO


Tuula Wilén



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